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UltraSignup: Jameelah, an Iron Mother, and Thoreau


UltraSignup, the web platform and space portal for most trail ultras has launched a forward-facing email newsletter. Each Tuesday, nuggets from the weekend as well as features are sent to your inbox for free. I have written a few for them with more to come.

Jameelah - the warrior and mother of six finds faith in God and the Waffle House.


Nicole had never run 100 miles, never run at night, then she won the Eastern States 100 and broke the course record by 14 minutes.


Will is an actor. Will is an elite ultrarunner. How can he do both in the middle of the mountains of North Carolina? He employs Thoreau's approach to modern life.


* Extra tidbit: Check out my new column, "Detours of the Lost and Found," in Ultrarunning Magazine!! (Print only)

Will Connell

Nicole Yokum

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