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Video-Game Golf is Real

Golfzon has just opened its second location in the United States, and it is so happened to be next door. I gave it a testdrive, and these things aren't playing.

First, the graphics are outstanding. There is a certain supsension of disbelief that occurs that really makes one feel "on the course." The Kawana Country Club with vistas of Mt. Fuji was not only stunning but accurate. From high on the tee box, the fairway soared down to a valley and they climbed back up a steep slope to the green - all visible. How do they do this? By scanning the course with drones and a body on the ground walking the property with a scanner. The result: an extremely accurate recreation of many of the most famous golf courses in the world. Pebble Beach. Beth Page Black. Torrey Pines.

Aiming comes natural - hit it left, it goes left. Hit is right, it goes right. Have a sidehill lie? The bay moves. That's right. It angles with the slop of the fairways and greens.

Then, there are the numbers: clubhead speed, ball speed, backspin, sidespin, carry distance and more. Those looking to seriously improve their game can get lost in this facility for days.

And did I mention this place also serves booze, totally decent food, has couches and booths galour? There are fourteen bays for hitting. This place is big!!

Here in New York and other places that can endure hard winters, Golfzon offers a heated or air-conditioned space for you to play golf. For real.


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