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"The Baron" is sold

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

"The Baron" now belongs to the owners of Coffee Labs in Tarrytown. Great to sell a painting and even better to see it find a good home. They rock - always have.

This painting came from the spookiness of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow and the cool Voodoo loa, Baron "Saturday," a figure known for the love of rum, smoke, and magic.

Baron Samedi became well-known in the '70s with the Bond film "Live and Let Die." Geoffrey Holder played the Voodoo baron so well that the former dancer became a household face and voice. If you've never heard his voice, check out this old 7-Up Commercial from back in the day.

Funny New York story: I first met Holder at the theatre. Nothing big, just served him a few drinks and chatted a bit. Forgot his name at the time, just remembered him as "the baron." Years later, (when I was single) I was on a date and bouncing around the city. As I liked to do, I landed the two of us at a small artsy movie theater, downtown. For you New Yorkers, it was "The Quad." We had had a few drinks and were going to pick any movie that was about to start. We chose one and my date went to the bathroom while I got us more drinks. I noticed a tall figure hovering near my left. It was "the baron."

"Hey," I said.

"Hello," said he.

"How've you been? We met at The Belasco. I'm Carol's friend," I said.

"Oh yes," he said with a wide smile, "what are you seeing?"

"Not sure," I laughed and then read the ticket as I looked down at it; "Carmen and Geoffrey," I said and he smiled kindly and said, "oh."

In the theater, few patrons were there. When the lights went down and the film came on, I quickly realized the movie was actually a documentary of Geoffrey Holder's life with his wife, Carmen. Embarrassed doesn't cover it. I had said the title like it was of no consequence and it was a deep portrait of his work, love, and artistry.

Holder was sitting in the back and I was told he was there every night.

Not long after that, he passed on and joined his lovely Carmen.

His story was as rich as his voice, but to me, he will always be "the baron."


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