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Statement of Purpose

A few months back, I was looking for anyone who knew Ted Conrath. At that time, I didn't know much. Only one person in the town of Pelham, where Ted had lived for 40 years, knew him and he couldn't remember much.

So many people, memories, and stories (even great ones) get lost to time and I'm attracted to them. Somehow, they've slipped through the cracks. Whether with my writing or my painting, it's all the same: it's story-telling.

After a whole day in Pelham, I started back to my car. I noticed small stone markers in front of each tree along main street. One in particular caught me. It was the physical manifestation of what drives me. It was a marker to a person long gone. Obviously, this person had made some mark on the world; had mattered to someone, and was loved enough to have a marker placed on main street. Now, over time, the roots of the tree it had been placed in front of had grown halfway over it. But, the memory was still alive and we have a choice; we have time to move it, paint it, or take a picture of it. #new #followme #conrath #alhowie #nyc #writer #acrylicpainter #storyteller


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