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Ken Hiratsuka Exhibition

Another trip to the National Arts Club, this time to attend Ken Hiratsuka's new exhibition. For anyone new to my projects, I've been in talks with the National Arts Club regarding the life and work of Ted Conrath.

Ken's work was powerful, both ancient in tone and timeless in its simplicity. Ken came to prominence when he began practicing street art; several sidewalks around New York City became his canvas. His "one line" technique has taken him around the world and his personality is as big as the stones he works with. His face is alive like the sun and his energy is palpable and ageless.

Art shows are their own entities. It's hard to escape the fact that everyone is there for something. Very few are truly transparent observers; networking is crucial for artists to survive and feels like a necessary evil we all must participate in. Fortunately, Ken's work was powerful enough to keep your eyes on his work, even while you were passing out your card.

The National Arts Club is a tremendous venue. History hovers in the air like old spirits of members past. Located on the corner of Grammercy Park, it's worth a visit anytime you are in the city.

* Note: Grammercy Park requires a key to enter, but also to GET OUT!!


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