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Al Howie - Mega-distance

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Mega-distance runner, Al Howie, taking a rare break.

Lots of runners, lots of stories of good runners. But, Howie is a bit different. You don't know about him, but you should.

Some math:

Howie ran 5,800 miles in 103 days. No gels, no gps watch, no Hoka's, no compression socks, and no hashtags. That is 221 marathons back to back. The distance as the crow flies from Las Vegas to Kyoto, Japan. The first 72 days were on the road across Canada (World Record), averaging 63 miles a day for over 4,530 miles or roughly from Moscow to New York. He took a two-week break, then ran the Sri Chinmoy 1,300-miler, the distance from New York to Miami, around a one-mile loop in 16 days 19 hours, a world record at the time, averaging 77 miles a day - almost three marathons a day.

And, he ran all of it in three-ounce racing flats.

Something to be said for pioneers, for the bare-bones approach, for those that scale Everest without oxygen tanks or The Eiger without guide ropes. And, more to be said about Howie...


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