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Sanity Options Pt. 2 - Go Deep

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

If you are on this planet, chances are you're gonna have quite a lot of time on your hands for the foreseeable future. Many don't know what to do with themselves. Some have no idea how to be alone. Depression can set in, and if it does, nothing may seem fun - nothing interesting, nothing worthwhile. But time will pass either way. The only choice you have is what you will come out with. If you find something interesting, go deep!! Dig in and immerse yourself.

Like music? A lot? Get into the world of audiophiles. There is so much you can do to improve the sound of your music. You can get a better streaming service. Spotify's free streaming has ads and streams at low quality. Bump up to premium, and you get a much better, ad-free stream at 320kbps. Sounds leagues better than the free tier. Get a DAC! What is a DAC? I'll leave it to the experts to explain that, but basically it is a digital to analogue converter that WILL improve the sound of your tunes. Don't take my word for it, check out John Darko. He has an awesome YouTube channel, and believe me: you can learn a lot!!

Interested in Travel? Well, you can't. Why not learn A LOT about the places you want to visit/live?? For me, I'm fascinated by Berlin. The internet has so many ways to explore, virtually. Immerse yourself in another culture. Build a base of knowledge for when you can go.

Ever wanted to start painting? No paints? Look for crayons, a pencil, anything to make art, and... watch BOB ROSS. He will teach you the basics of shape and perspective. This is a twofer as Bob is a bingeworthy antidote to stress. His relaxed atmosphere and his ability to make something out of nothing in 30 minutes remains a cultural institution. His face is known worldwide, and his videos are free to stream on YouTube.

If none of these appeal to you, just watch Tiger King. You won't regret it. And........ everybody else is.


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